Salt Lake City Utah

Amy Gugliuzza, NY

I didn’t know if it really worked, the journey process, but I’ve been intensely driven to heal my life. For over a year I participated in a weekly tele-conference dealing with my financial beliefs through Journey Work. It felt healing,... Read More

Penny Harville LA

I called Peggy, feeling so stuck in my business efforts. After the process, I felt a dramatic shift. My confidence went up, I didn’t care so much about what others thought of me and had complete confidence in what I... Read More

Conner Peterson, UT

After 4 processes, I feel like every part of my being is operating at a higher level now. I’m noticing a shift all over in my life. I don’t latch onto the negative feelings as much. I can dismiss them... Read More

S.J., NE

I was dealing with a significant and positive life change, but my unexplained anxiety about that change overwhelmed my ability to enjoy the excitement and adventure of it all. In one session, Peggy was instrumental in helping me recognize the... Read More

Preston D., UT

Ever since I was in the 2nd grade I have had intense anxiety before taking tests. I have also been very anxious and sweat a lot when speaking in front of people. Not surprisingly I failed my first nursing exam. Even... Read More

Jessi Hughs, UT

My youngest daughter has had a few Journey sessions with Peggy. She is 7 years old and had been having allergies to almost everything for a few weeks before her first session. On her second session, my daughter told me... Read More

Terelle Wickham, UT

I knew the minute I walked out of Peggy’s office that I had cleared what had been stopping me from being ready to create my dream relationship.... Read More

Crystal Ashcraft, UT 

I had been creating the same pattern in my relationships that kept me efforting to a degree leaving me feeling very empty and unfulfilled.  After working with Peggy, I had HUGE realizations of myself, which resulted in HUGE shifts in... Read More

K.R., UT

Oh, Peggy ~ you just touch my heart so much. I just can’t say enough. Today’s session was absolutely a m a z i n g. Wow.  How do I even describe that? Thank you so much for being the... Read More

Teresa B., UT

Peggy’s help and coaching created a healing and wholeness that allowed me to think and function more clearly without all the emotional pain and triggers. Her therapeutic process gets to the root of the issues. It truly is a remarkable... Read More