Salt Lake City Utah


This delightful new coloring journal by Peggy Matheson takes readers on a witty and whimsical journey of letting go of self-doubt, feelings of not being good enough, and healing from emotional abuse. Each drawing is based on an original poem included in the journal. What she discovered is yours to discover as well: through our relationship to our creative self, a healing path is opened and we step into our personal power.

Color, read, write or draw; these pages will invite you into new possibilities of self-discovery and lighthearted awakenings.

Oh, the places we’ll go when we dash those pesky voices in our head and start dancing with the little girl inside of us instead. Come and play, relax, de-stress, and maybe, just maybe, those grumpies will go away!

About the Author

Peggy Matheson has always loved to sing and dance. She drew a few sketches when she was a young woman, but had such a love for the performing arts that drawing quickly fell by the way side. Earning a BFA in Music Dance Theater from Brigham Young University was a jumping off point that punctuated years of performances on stage and on screen. Her tenacity to create the most impact with a performance has informed her ability to create poetry and drawings that not only resonate but also delight.

After college, a parallel path was forming as her desire for freedom from pain drove her to do deep emotional healing work. She eventually found a modality that transformed her life and subsequently became a Certified Journey Practitioner helping others heal their pain through restorative guided meditation.

Above all Peggy is a believer. She is a believer in the power to become our best selves and that life and relationships have meaning and purpose. For years, she felt her mission was her successful marriage. When it ended abruptly, she began to put the pieces together and discovered she’d been living in an emotionally abusive relationship. Now she’s an APSATS trained Partner Coach (CPC-c) and trained Family Life Coach (BCC-c) working with those seeking to transform themselves beyond their doubts, negative beliefs, trauma and especially betrayal trauma.

Her vision is to inspire, teach, and ultimately create space for others to become their best selves.

Peggy facilitates creativity workshops using guided meditation, movement, and music as well as supporting individuals on their healing journey. Connect with Peggy at peggymatheson.com or support@peggymatheson.com.