Salt Lake City Utah


I was riddled with self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough.

That’s a snapshot of where I was over 30 years ago. My journey began with believing that my best growth would come through being a mother and a wife. Sure enough, that is what happened. The man I was married to was a renowned and controversial figure in the psychotherapy community. At one point, late in our marriage we created a couples retreat together. Yet I often felt I was an accessory and shadow in the marriage and our business and not a partner. I battled with feelings of not being good enough during many of those years. I kept wondering when things would take off for me. I wanted to fly.

I wanted to fly and the Universe answered

But, of course…the Universe didn’t answer the way I wanted it to. It was more pain than I thought I could bear. Yet, the pain and the growth is something I will always be grateful for. After 34 years of marriage, my husband announced that he was leaving me. He decided to live as a gay man. I had to come to grips with the fact that my marriage and life had been a lie. To say I felt betrayed doesn’t begin to cover the loss. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. What had happened? This man whom I truly believed in, whom I had devoted my life and my love to, began justifying his behavior and trying to convince me and others that I was the problem. This was my fault. As the perpetrator of the betrayal, he played the victim card and I realized more deeply that this master manipulator had been conning everyone for years. My heart was broken, my wings were broken. What was I going to do now?

The pieces of my purpose puzzle came together

I had always dreamt of creating an impact that would change lives for the better. Let’s back up a little. Halfway through the marriage, my husband came to me and said that he didn’t want to be married to me the way I was anymore. Little did I know that he was having an intense emotional affair with the man he claimed was just a good friend, and at the end or our relationship, admitted that he had been in love with him. Not knowing about the affair, willing to look at my issues and wanting to save my marriage, I embarked on a journey to heal my past, which became the key to my freedom and my future. Knowing I didn’t want to sit in a therapy office for hours and hours (good option, but the slow-boat to China) I wanted something that could get to the root cause fast. I found The Journey and became a Certified Journey Practitioner (CJP). I had no idea at the time that this would lead to where I am today. Through my work with The Journey, my inner and outer walls came down, and I found a freedom I longed for my whole life; the freedom to live in joy. I opened to the truth and the light that I am today. And it seemed like my marriage became more of what I knew it could be.

Little did I know that he was making choices to lay the foundation for betrayal. Ultimately, despite doing my healing work, my past weaknesses were held against me. It wasn’t until I was awakened to the betrayal, trauma, and manipulation that had been my life for 34 years, that all the puzzle pieces came together. I’d been emotionally abused my whole marriage.

I’m flying

Thanks to my faith, I had all the tools and support I needed for this extremely painful awakening. This led me to get further training to become a Certified Coach and Partner Trauma Specialist, specifically working with partners of those with problematic sexual behavior or sex addiction. Today, I help people regain their power and overcome the trauma from living with abusive, narcissistic partners and live full, joyful, intentional lives.

My clients tell me I’m making an impact. My creativity is flourishing. I just published my first adult coloring journal. Check it out here. This is just the beginning. Want to join me and take your next steps into freedom? Click here to get a free consultation.